Wound, Ostomy, Continence Care

When a patient has a wound, ostomy, or continence issue our certified wound ostomy and continence nurse will evaluate and develop a plan of care to meet the specific needs identified.


Offers a wide range of nursing services to those of child bearing age and their families from prenatal visits to post-partum visits.

Pediatric visits may also be made with a referral from your baby’s doctor.


Telemonitoring is a way for nurses and doctors to check on their patient’s health seven days a week. A unit is placed in the patient’s home. Each day the patient sends health information to the VNA via the telehealth unit. This allows us to check on the patient daily and to watch for changes in health status over time.

Congestive Heart Failure Program

Designed to keep patients who are suffering from multiple relapses of heart failure at home.

Flu Program

Flu clinics are offered by VNA Extended Care. Schedules are posted seasonally.

Bereavement Services

Available to anyone in the community who is grieving and is designed to help them through their loss.

Community Services

Clarion Forest VNA and VNA Extended Care offer various health screenings. These include Blood Pressure (BP), Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM), Stroke Assessment and various immunizations. There is a regular schedule of BP and BGM monitoring at sites throughout our service area that is available on this site and is published in local newspapers. Other programs will be posted on a monthly basis.

Stroke Screening

Proper assessment of individuals for risk factors and rapid identification of the symptoms of stroke are vital. Our nurses have been trained to conduct stroke assessments and are certified in the use of the NIH Stroke Scale. In addition to screening our own patients for stroke risk, we assist with Stroke Screening in various community settings.

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