Only a few times in anyone's life do you get to witness the caring and concern that every one of you bestowed on my Mother during her Hospice House visit. I am thankful for that. From the time she arrived to her final day, you made sure she was comfortable both emotionally and physically, giving her time to accept death. She was quite prepared to die, relating to me many times that she was ready and needed the rest that death promised.


You kept her well informed of her condition, adequately fed and warm. You showed love by doing such things as reading the ads for Comet, covering her when she went to sleep without her throw, or seeing that she had a drink of cold water . I noticed these actions, and although I did not mention them while I was visiting, I would smile when I looked at Mom and saw that she was happy. That is all you can expect someone to do when they are taking care of someone that is in the final stage of life. She came to acceptance far easier with your kind help.


My turn is coming, as it is for us all. I can only hope that I will find a situation like my Mother. Finding kind strangers willing to take up the task and doing it so well.


Daughter of a Hospice House patient

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