These services are available for qualifying individuals regardless of religious creed, race, color, age, ancestry, national origin, sex socioeconomic status, or handicap.

These services are available for qualifying individuals regardless of religious creed, race, color, age, ancestry, national origin, sex socioeconomic status, or handicap.

Skilled Nurse

Our staff of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide each patient with “personalized” care. Patients may be visited by the nurse as frequently as twice a day or as seldom as once a month, depending on the patient’s physical condition and the physician’s orders.

Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapists will, upon request of the physician, assess a patient’s need for therapy. They work closely with the physician and other home health staff, as well as the patient, to develop a plan of treatment suited to the patient’s needs.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists can help improve communication abilities for someone who is recovering from a stroke. They can assist people suffering from conditions that cause difficulty in swallowing. Patients who have had laryngectomies can benefit from Speech Therapy by learning new ways to talk and communicate. Our Speech Therapists are licensed by the Commonwealth and have attained Certificates of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed Occupational Therapists provide, or supervise the provision of, treatment based on utilization of activities calculated to encourage the disabled patient to contribute to his own recovery. The ultimate goal is for the patient to participate as independently as possible in his activities of daily living.

Home Health Aide

Our Home Health Aides provide personal care (bathing, shampooing, simple dressings, etc.) and may perform some light housekeeping for patients who are unable to do so.

Social Service is provided for patients whose recovery from illness is being impeded by social, emotional, or financial difficulties. Our Social Worker works closely with the patient and family to resolve such difficulties whenever possible.

Nutrition Services

Our Registered Dietitian provides consulting services to other VNA staff members regarding patients’ nutritional needs. The Dietitian will also make home visits when requested by the patient’s physician. Patients who can benefit from nutritional counseling may include: those who experience an unexpected weight change, anyone with a diagnosis of malnutrition, patients receiving enteral or parenteral nutrition, diabetics, and many others.


A Medicare Certified program within the VNA that provides care to individuals whose life expectancy is limited due to illness as well as support to the family and caregiver.

Serenity House

A place a terminally ill resident can call home with around-the-clock caregivers who are trained to care for people who are coping with life-threatening illnesses. Hospice House can accommodate up to three guests at one time. The facility is entirely furnished and has all the amenities of home.

Palliative Care

Addresses physical, emotional, social and spiritual pain in an effort to achieve the best possible quality of life for the patient and their family. This care is in conjunction with active treatment for a disease. The palliative care team focuses on the pain and discomfort a patient may feel while undergoing treatment while your primary doctor and specialist focus on treating your illness.>/h2>

Extended Care

An affiliate of Clarion Forest VNA, Inc. VNA Extended Care Services is a licensed home care agency offering home support, respite, and personal care. You can contract from one to 24 hours a day.Adult Daily Living CenterProgram within VNA Extended Care Services Inc. This center is for adults seeking socialization, a safe environment and respite as they continue to live in their own home.

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